If we haven’t met, nice to meet you!! 


Let’s cut to the chase and jump right into my work. My main focus is augmented reality but I still love to experiment with and live in many mediums. See a sample of some of my coolest projects below. 


It’s hard to put me in a box

I love augmented reality, but I also love pottery, visual design, and UX 

I pride myself with knowing at least a little about a LOT of mediums. If you’re not in the mood to scroll, here are some of my  favorite work samples 

AR is my passion

Talk is just talk (and I do love to ramble long-windedly) so let me show you what I can do!

I can make a wonderful matcha latte, but I feel you may not be interested in that, so how about some work samples!

I LOVE augmented reality. It allows me to practice all of the disciplines that I enjoy under one digital roof.