Cursed Child

Medium: Mobile AR  Software: Spark AR, Shader development  Role: Ideation and development

One of my very first projects at the Mill was a set of three augmented spaces within the Lyric Theatre, for the reopening of broadway and the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child show. I was the sole developer, working closely with our creative director, the theater team, and Meta PMs as this was a special Meta Spark showcase project.

The first effect was a multi target tracker experience that brings to life three patronus (animal) murals - this effect was actually used globally in other theaters running the same show.

The next effect was another multi target tracker that brings to life a portrait of a hungry wizard, who summons an apple from another painting to float over to him.

The final and most challenging effect augmented the entire ceiling in the main hall. The distance, changing lighting, and uneven surface made for a difficult build. However, I mitigated those issues by averaging the target lighting, and doing extremely thorough QA testing before launch during the family premiere night.