bulgari holiday 2022 campaign

Medium: Mobile AR  Software: Spark AR, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere  Role: Creative direction, ideation, and development

For the Bulgari holiday 2022 campaign myself and the Mill experience team made two effects to support the campaign. I developed a target tracking effect that was positioned over a decal that was placed in every single Bulgari storefront window globally. I was also tech lead on a front facing (selfies) effect, guiding our junior developer in creating and QA-ing a beautiful final piece.

Part of this project included on site testing in Rome with talent, which was very exciting but equally challenging. Mitigating the glare from the window, working within the small space allotted by the Bulgari team, and making sure performance was consistent throughout the day in different lighting conditions in a heavily trafficked area was just a few of the challenges I overcame for this project.

I was also heavily involved in coming up with and pitching both creative concepts to the Bulgari team, working to make existing campaign elements evolve seamlessly into an engaging spatial experience.