Odmor is an augmented reality app and wearable combination that I created as an exploration of how technology interacts with mental health and mental illness (specifically anxiety and panic attacks).

Odmor guides users through simple deep breathing techniques. As they breathe along with the flower expanding and contracting, eventually they will be able to utilize this technique on their own and the app becomes obsolete, leaving the user with the ring as an object of comfort.

Project inspiration/Purpose 

Over four million Americans suffer from panic attacks, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health, making it the most common mental illness in the United States. Beyond the consuming feeling of panic that these disorders trigger, the fear of having an attack in public keeps many anxiety and panic attack sufferers bound close to home (a condition more specifically known as agoraphobia). 

I conceptualized this project for very personal reasons. I used to have pretty severe anxiety, but for years I didn’t even know what I was suffering from. Even though my symptoms have improved over the years, I still infrequently have spontaneous waves of panic hit me without any context. 


This project was really two projects, wearable development and app development. For the wearable I ideated and sketched out many possibilities before settling on a ring; a bracelet, sticker, card, etc. I settled on a ring because of its unobtrusive size, and more discreet nature (because of the placement on the hand and smartphone interaction being hand centric already). I then created multiple prototypes which I 3D printed and tested as trigger surfaces for my AR animation.

I developed the AR app in Unity with Vuforia, and pushed it to my iPhone using xcode. I experimented with different ways to implement an animation and anchor it on a trigger image, but in the end the simplicity of Vuforia helped me create a straigtforward user experience and execute my vision. The flower model itself I created and animated in Maya. 

Press and awards

Tandon Capstone Coverage- (the most unflattering photo of me ever taken)

Tandon Capstone Coverage Cont.

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