Medium: Mobile AR app and physical wearable  Software: Unity, Vuforia, Maya, Photoshop, Cura  Role: Solo end to end creation

For my final capstone if my undergraduate track in Integrated Digital Media, I decided to create a wearable and app combination that works to ease the effects of panic attacks and anxiety. I called this project Odmor, which means rest in Macedonian. My goal with Odmor was to create a wearable and app combination that guides user through deep breathing exercises in order to calm the overwhelming feeling associated with panic attacks and generalized anxiety.

In order to achieve this I used Maya to build 3D models, and to animate those 3D models, in order to make them expand and contract. I created a wearable in the form of a ring with a trigger image on top, and used Unity and Vuforia to place my animation on top of the ring. I published an app using Unity, in order to make the animation appear on the wearable for users who hold the phone over the ring. The instructions in app are very simple, users only need to breathe in when the animation expands, and breathe out when the animation contracts. My friend who is an audio engineer created a track especially for me that matches up with the rhythm of my animation. The music gently plays on a look while users breathe in and out in rhythm.

The goal of the app is for it to make itself obsolete, eventually people will memorize this technique on their own and can keep the wearable as a physical item of comfort.