Me and Augmented Reality

I’ve been all about augmented reality for years now,

and I’m so happy I’ve been able totake my passion for AR and make it a career! 

I kick started my professional AR work by starting a studio! Check out Pond Skater Studio to see my art, and some cool things I’ve made in the past in the social augmented reality space.

I love practical use cases but I also just love making experiences that make others smile.

Here’s a nice little example of some of my social AR work, all of the assets you see I’ve either designed, modeled, or sketched by hand. I pride myself in knowing a little about a lot of mediums and I think augmented reality creation really benefits from multifaceted creation and ideation.

If you want a deeper look into my process, here is a detailed piece of documentation that shows my design and development from start to finish for a TikTok effect! Click the image below or click here to view that :)