Unfortunately I cant share a majority of the things that I worked on while at Ralph Lauren because of the sensitive nature of the fashion design industry.

However, I can provide work examples if you reach out, and I can describe it in text!!

I created a pipeline for editing video loops and optimizing them for placement on the global website. When this project was initially handed to me I was singlehandedly editing every single cur down video that appeared on our site pages from North America to APAC.

A highlight of this video work was last years pride page, where I worked with out lead deigner and created the edits for the multitude of video loops that brought this page to life. 
I also created the 500+ UV skins (read, colored by hand by referencing PDP imagery, lots of little ponies needing to be tinted pink) for the 3D models that appear on the new Color Shop Polo shopping experience hub.

I also aid the innovation team with pitches for experimental new media.

Rest assured, if you’ve ever been served an ad, sent an email, or browsed the RL EU or NA site, I had a hand in making sure those assets were production ready :).