Instagram Spark AR Effects

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for Instagram’s Spark Augmented Reality platform. Using their creation studio I’ve been learning how to make whimsical and engaging AR effects! 

Click on the icons to try out my effects! (this will open Instagram in the camera mode so don’t panic)

A great example of a sponsored filter I made in collaboration with a brand is TRASH’s HALO series. 

TRASH is an app that uses AI to help creators make awesome short videos. I worked with their team to develop a trio of angel inspired filters for them, because their users are referred to as “TRASH Angels”. I myself am a TRASH Angel and was featured in an article here about my work :). 

Working with TRASH’s iridescent and groovy aesthetic, I developed three distinct looks that isolate certain elements of their branding and translate them into AR.

Try all three HALO filters below!